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Birthdate:Jan 9
Location:Texas, United States of America
Website:My Fanfiction
First off. This journal contains rated R as well as NC-17 pieces. Do not read any fic under memories that have the pairings listed if you are under age. The rest fall under PG-13, with the fic called Dreamwalker more of a light rated R. The rest is usually user safe, but I really wouldn't take my chances. Get it? This LJ has ADULT CONTENT. Just keeping my Livejournal safe.

Hello, I am many things. On Godawful Forums, I am "The Bitter One" (a Savage Garden reference) and on FFN, I am Sailor Lilith-chan. My real fanfic started with a short story known as "Hail to the Mechanic", a Final Fantasy VI Edgar-centric prequel. From there I moved on to Trigun. I am known for the stories "Vash's Theory of Perpetual Motion", "Borrowed Knives", and the Elseworld's Epic "Plants in the City".

I write, I draw, I blog.

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0t3, ahiru/fakir, alan rickman, aria of sorrow, ayato/haruka, barney stinson, barney/everyone, barney/robin, billy buddy, billy joel, bon jovi, cabin pressure, camp capers, castlevania, celes/terra, cgnu, chi, chicago hope, chobits, chocobos, chocolate, chris patton, cowboy bebop, crazy go nuts university, crono cross, crono trigger, cross punisher, dark!fic, david xanatos, dean koontz, devil may cry, dire straits, dirty dancing, doctor who, dollhouse, donuts, dr horrible's sing-along blog, drawing, edgar roni figaro, edgar/celes, edgar/locke, elementary, fanfic, fiesta, final fantasy unlimited, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, fluffy puff marshmellows, gargoyles, haibane renmei, halo makers, highlander, hilson, himym, homestar runner, homsar, horrible/hammer, horrible/hammer/penny, horrible/penny, hotson, house, house md, house/everyone, house/wilson, house/wilson/amber, how i met your mother, howl's moving castle, hugh laurie, insurance girls, jay and silent bob, jecht, johnny yong bosch, joss whedon, jude law, julie andrews, knives/legato, lenne, leon belmont, lily/marshall, locke/celes, loopholes in time travel, mandy patinkin, marshall/lily/barney, megamind, meryl stryfe, meryl/vash, midvalley/wolfwood, millie thompson, millie/wolfwood, millions knives, my cousin vinny, nan desu kan, ndk, neil patrick harris, nicholas d wolfwood, nickel creek, ninja ropes extreme, nph, ot3, paine, penny, plant angels, princess tutu, rahxephon, rascal flatts, rdj, reading, red mages, rem saverem, richter belmont, rikku, rin, road to el dorado, robin scherbatsky, robin/barney, rpg world, sabin rene figaro, schipperke, schmendrick/molly, setzer/locke, sherlock, sherlock holmes, simon belmont, slash, soma cruz, some like it hot, sonja blue, strong bad, taub/kutner, ted/barney, ten dollar solo, the cheat, the last unicorn, the princess bride, the sandman, the who, tidus, tidus/yuna, trigun, trigun fanfic, trogdor, tulio/miguel, tulio/miguel/chel, vash the stampede, vash/meryl, vash/wolfwood, victor victoria, video girl ai, wakka/lulu, wibbly wobbly timey wimey, wolfwood/millie, wolfwood/vash, writing, yellow car, yuna
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