So it turns out I have asthma. Good news is I can be treated. Bad news is I should've been diagnosed years ago. But what will be will be. He says this is why I got a case of pneumonia versus a cold. Asthma makes me more susceptible to that and the flu. It means not getting a flu vaccine is not an option. The thing is I've never got a flu vaccine before so apparently I've been putting myself at risk for years and never known it. I also need a pneumonia vaccine so what happened to me will never happen again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the vaccines work.

The thing is I should be bummed out. But I don't find myself bummed out in the slightest. This diagnosis explains everything. For the first time hour-long while I don't have a doctor telling me that is just in my head or is a lady thing. I have a diagnosis that isn't the poor little girl wants attention so her head just makes her sick. This diagnosis is real and something they can't say it's fake.



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