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( Aug. 13th, 2006 03:40 am)
School is starting soon and NDK is around the corner so I should probably get to studying and nag mom to let start the costumes. I am not good with sewing.

I should be writing on Plants in the City, Ouroboros, and Mirrors (Which only two people on FFN have read, le sigh, le angst), but I've been brainstorming with Lady Shadowcat on a future fic with her called Fullmetal Generation. This is what you call lagging, very yes? I got my account renewed so I can continue blogging with the extras... I'm pretty sure only a handful of people read this blog so I can blab and it will be heard by no one.

Maybe being a speck on the wall is a good thing, although I want to be known and enjoyed dangit. Lilith writes, Lilith gabs and blabs, it's a living.

I deleted my greatest journal... I never use it and I don't need trolls randomly friending me and hoping I'll leak. I don't even use that journal, people. I had forgotten about it, really... only used it to reply. Well, that's it, its gone and it is not coming back ever.

I did a little work on an original novel. I hope to do good, but I hate the idea of bad reviews. I know if I hunker down and write the damn thing, maybe, just maybe, I can become a published author. And published author is good, right?

I should probably be and bed (should be in bed is more like it). But I am wide awake and typing out this blog. Either I have no life or am bored and waiting for school to start again. The jaw surgery was pretty much the highlight of this summer, no vacation or nothing.

Don't get me wrong, the new chin is great and all, but the summer has been a real drag. Nothing much has happened, so I spend my days reading (manga and novels) and watching TV. Got introduced to the wonderful, but canceled, show Dead Like Me. RahXephon is my favorite anime, although the manga version is far from teh awesome the anime is. But mostly, sit here and wish to be a kid again.


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