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WARNING: Many of these fics are rated NC-17... click at your own risk.

Calvin and Hobbes

older!Calvin/Hobbes, learning what reality is


Doogie Howser, MD

Doogie/Vinnie, we're not kids anymore.



Victor/Sierra, Beauty and the Beast

Bennet/Caroline, her first time

Priya/Adelle/Anthony, unexpected


Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Billy/Penny, He was out of change for his laundry... here, she said... and that was their first magical meeting

Penny/Sub!Billy, Dom/Sub relationship... AU... She had wept when he begged her to tie him to the bed the first time. It freaked her out how much easier it got after that.

Billy/Penny, Dislocated shoulder. Penny's reaction to seeing Billy's arm in a sling again.

Penny/Billy, He was her bitch and didn't mind at all.

Billy/Penny, Hoodie of the Month Club

Hammer/Horrible, don't ask

Horrible/Hammer, Humility or learning not to brag

Billy/Penny, Caring Hands

Horrible & Moist, 'At worst I make people feel like they need a bath'

Billy/Penny, Sunscreen "You don't get out very much."

Billy/Horrible, The voice of madness.

Hammer/Penny, premature ejaculation

Billy/Penny, He had a beautiful singing voice.

Horrible/Hammer, "You tricked me!" "Dude, I'm a villain. It's what I do." (Context entirely up to you)

author's choice, author's choice, be the sunlight in my every day

Hammer/Horrible/Hammer fangirl, unexpected

Captain Hammer/Billy, let's start all over again


Final Fantasy VI

Kefka, he caused more damage to the world than anyone had thought


Final Fantasy X

Auron/Jecht, first time guardian

Yuna, during her pilgrimage, she finds out how close Auron, Braska, and Jecht really were.

Tidus/Yuna, during the pilgrimage they...



Astrid/any or none, evening routine

Walter/Astrid, Aphrodite and Hephaestus

Walter and Peter Bishop, happy birthday

Walter, The Secret History of Dr Calgori (Abney Park)


Haibane Renmei

Reki/Rakka, angels with even filthier wings


Harry Potter

Lily/James, revising for exams



Author's Choice, Swordplay

Methos, In the cold breeze that I walk along/The memories of generations burn within me/Been forever since I cried the pain and sorrow/I live and die, proud of my people gaining (Stray, Steve Conte



House/dark!Wilson, the first glimpse

House/Cuddy, it's his first time... but not in the way you might think ;)

House/Chase, acing the interview

House/Wilson, watching Queer as Folk instead of The L Word :P

House/Cuddy, childhood

dom!wilson/sub!house, on his best behavior

House/dark!Wilson, no one to hear you scream

House/Wilson/Amber, "If you're going to act like a child..."

House/Wilson, Oral fixation

House/dark!Wilson, ignored 'no'

House/Amber, "It's not sexual harassment if we no longer work together."

House/dark!Wilson, angry!sex

House/dark!Wilson, helpless

House/Wilson, Wilson is only nice on the outside

House/Wilson, blinded

House, pickpocket

It was Wilson who died in the bus crash


How I Met Your Mother

Barney/Marshall, beaten

Barney/Robin, she never thought she'd catch him listening to _______________

Barney/Marshall/Lily, "This is for your own good."

evil!twin Robin/Barney, "What's the matter, Barney? It's just me..."

Barney/Lily/Marshall, misplaced trust

Barney/anyone, repressed memory

Barney/Robin, gun

Barney/Marshall, secret

Barney/anyone-and-everyone, common property

Barney/Marshall/Lily, traumatized

Barney/Robin, on his knees

Marshall/Barney, Comfort sex after the debroing by Ted.

Barney/OC, what it feels like to be used

Barney/Marshall/Lily, when they first discovered his submissive tendencies

Barney/multiple, ice cream sundae party (with Barney as the human sundae)

Barney/Marshall/Lily, edible underwear

Barney/Marshall/Lily, making him forget

Barney/his boss and Barney/Marshall/Lily, sleeping his way to the top

Barney/Marshall, 10 minutes til lunch in the break room "this place will be filled with people any minute!" "I don't care... you wanna play games, you're gonna finish what you started"

Barney/Marshall, sequel to previous prompt here: in which Barney is punished for his insolence :P

Barney/Robin, restraint

sub!Barney/anyone, heat (as in heat from an actual flame, etc)

Lily/Barney, for your own damn good

Barney/Marshall, crossing the line (dark, please)

Barney/Robin, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Barney/Robin, Dollhouse

Barney/Marshall, rape fantasy

HIMYM, Lily/Sub!Barney, During "World's Greatest Couple"... Pegging... "Tonight, you're the wife."

Lily/Barney, "They're not dresses... they're evening gowns!" Lily discovers Barney's crossdressing ways and offers to help him out.

Ted & Barney, let's do something crazy

Barney/Robin, "if you EVER cheat on me..."

Marshall/Lily/Barney, Bubblebaths

Marshall/Lily/Sub!Barney, Catching Barney cooking in the nude. "So that's what's under the suit... you really are a natural blond."

Barney/Robin, telling her (rejection angst, please :P hehe)

Dark!Shannon/Granola!Barney, The things you do for love when you're twenty-three and lonely.

Marshall/Sub!Barney, Fingering, The first time Marshall caught him masturbating at work.

Barney/??, dark secret, (anyone's POV)

Barney/Marshall/Lily, what he wants (Robin's POV)

Barney/Marshall/Lily, jealous (Ted's POV)

Barney/Marshall/Lily, scared

Barney/Marshall/Lily, lost the key to the cuffs :P

Barney/??, the gang finds out Barney's involved in an abusive relationship

Barney/Robin, insecurity

Barney/Marshall, dominance

Barney/Robin, rescue

Barney/Robin, learning to let go

Barney/Lily, learning to please her

Barney/Marshall, "Do I need to teach you who's the boss around here?"

Barney/dark!Shannon/whoever, Barney goes to Shannon's house to beg for her back, and she tricks him into a position to be used as a whore for multiple friends of hers who are there waiting

Barney/Marshall/Lily, Barney's job places him in a dangerous position

Barney/Robin, roleplay: male hooker and dominant female customer

Barney/author's choice, Barney gets pregnant

Barney/Lily, childhood secret (something we don't already know about from canon :P)

Barney/Robin, Barney/Ted FS, dumped

Barney/Ted, assault

Barney/Marshall/Lily, punishment

Barney/Robin, tying a knot

Marshall & Barney, slapbet

Barney/anyone, slut

Barney/Ted, punishment

Barney/author's choice, Barney's still a granola

Barney/Marshall/Lily, first time he cried in front of them

Barney/Marshall/Lily, first punishment

Barney/Robin, first time it got scary

Barney/dark!Ted, "don't ever tell"

Barney (maybe even a little Barney/Ted), Nancy Boy (Placebo)

author's choice, author's choice, When he closed his eyes, he swore he felt someone touching him.

author's choice, Barney really IS the devil >:D

Barney/Ted, sex in the back of a limo (it's even funnier if the limo isn't static, who knows where they'll end up?)

Barney/Robin, calling from work

OFC/Barney, That time Barney scored by wearing whip cream briefs.

Lily/Barney, "You didn't have to know about Shannon."

Marshall/Barney, Watching Barney's favorite show The Price is Right

Barney, How to be a yuppie.

Marshall/Lily, "We tried Herbal Essences shampoo and what a ripoff, Lily didn't spontaneously orgasm or anything."

Barney/Dark!Shannon, Something better

Barney/Marshall/Lily, sensory deprivation

Barney/Ted, teaching Ted how kinky sex can be

Barney/Dark!Ted, Prove it.

Lily/Barney, During "World's Greatest Couple" the first spooning on the first night Lily stayed over.

Marshall/Barney, Road trip to go see Barney's shrink.

Barney/Dark!Shannon, Virgin white

Dark!Ted/Barney, I'm doing this for his own good.

Barney/Dark!Ted, Our perceptions of good guy/bad guy are messed up

Barney/Rhonda, He's just a kid.

Lily/anyone, red

Barney/Lily, Brunch

Barney/Robin, sandcastle

Ted/Barney, Upgrading the inflatable pool (Now we have a slide, it's deeper, and twice the rubber ducks.)

Barney/Professor Lewis (From Aldrin Justice)/Tutoring Barney in the Bedroom

Robin/Barney, Bumping into each other when they arrive for their summer waxing appointments.

Barney/Shannon, Baristas

Marshall/Sub!Barney, Learning self-control.

Child!James and Baby!Barney, "Say hi to your baby brother, James. His name is Barnaby, but you can call him Barney." "I wanted a pony."

Barney/Marshall/Lily, slave

Marshall/Sub!Barney, Kinky and Cuddly: The war to be the star of Ted's gay dreams continues when they decide to have all out sex war.

Barney/Ted, pathological liar

Barney/Ted, there was no man with a rake in his chest that day...

Barney/Ted, Hot tub

Marshall/Barney/Lily, another pineapple incident


The Last Unicorn

Schmendrick/Molly, memory

Haggard/Amalthea, Hades and Persephone


The Pern Series

author's choice, Impression



JD/Cox, watching House: "Hey, that guy seems somehow... familiar..."


The Sentinel

Jim/Blair, Sporting event aka basketball.


Stargate Universe

Rush/Eli, meteor shower



House/HIMYM, Dark!Wilson/Barney, pretty

Dollhouse/HIMYM, doll!Barney/handler!Robin, dressed to impress

House/HIMYM, Barney/dark!Wilson, cornered

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Rent, Billy/Mark, because I'm the one of us to survive

HIMYM/House, Barney/dark!Wilson, secret, destructive relationship

HIMYM/House, Chase/Sub!Barney, War of the Pretty-Haired Blonds

HIMYM/House, Barney/Foreman and Barney/dark!Wilson, Foreman finds out

HIMYM/House, Barney/dark!Wilson, sold

HIMYM/House, Barney/dark!Wilson, "Who did you tell?"

House/HIMYM, dark!Wilson/Barney, Wilson likes to share his toys with his friends

HIMYM/House, Barney/dark!Wilson, punishment

HIMYM/House, dark!Wilson/Barney, Barney tries to get help

House/HIMYM, dark!Wilson/Barney, "I own you."

Dr. Horrible/X-men, Young!Billy, Professor X, "There's something special about you boy, would you like to come to our school and learn about it?"

Dollhouse/HIMYM, Barney, new engagement


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