lilithisbitter: (DHSAB Dr Horrible's Evil Laugh)
( Jan. 19th, 2017 12:28 am)
Last week I had the stomach flu. Good news was not on my birthday. Bad news, puking messes with my sense of balance so it caused me to faint and hit my head on the tub. No teeth lost, but my head hurt and I bit my tongue and bloodied my nose. This week is that time for f the month and a sinus infection. The only thing that makes it less painful is gulping down cream on top milk on binge watching the new series of Sherlock and A Series of Unfortunate Events the remake before a season of gaming on my vita. Yes I'm digging all of it. I don't make it my mission to hate things. And I try to find the good in everything mostly because my life chronically sucks. So I find joy in things instead of finding what is wrong. If I did that, my OCD would never let me stop. Some people it seems do nothing but that and they want you to hate it as well. So I chose to love. And it has made the world that much brighter even if I'm chronically ill.


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