That takes place during series two of Sherlock and reveals season 3-8 were part of House's coma dream. Meaning it is 2010 and Sherlock has finally received the final pip from Jim which is House in the coma patient ward and nothing else. And one of the things I want to answer is who the heck is House's dad because you do not ask that question and refuse to answer it. Say what you want about Moftiss, they've answered our questions, even if they aren't the answers some people want, personally I like the answers but that's just me.

I'm going off the cut bit of the dialogue in TGG where you find out Sherlock uncovered the fact his father was having an affair. So going by that, it stands to reason Mr Holmes is Greg House's dad. Plus I plan to keep the fanfic series four compliant because I want to do post series four stuff fanfic wise and series four of Sherlock really brought Sherlock's drug issues into the light of day.

Also, I want Sherlock to go off on a rant when Wilson suggests he is just guessing like he pulled on House in season three.

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Not a Sherlock fan but I'm so starved for House stuff I'm gonna read the hell out of this.

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That's what I want to do is a 50/50 split of each because Sherlock has remained true to itself and season two was the last season that House was still Sherlock Holmes but with Doctors. So I intend to have John House as nonabusive because there was nothing in his first appearance to suggest that and two, still alive, because he was criminally underused.

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Plus Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are House MD fans. They gave Lestrade the full name Greg Lestrade in tribute to our favorite doctor who isn't Perry Cox.

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I love the original Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories though. (also I like third season House, I thought the rot didn't set in till season 4, but that's just my opinion.)

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I'm also doing the House in a coma to deal with the fact that when Sherlock starts, House MD is in the rot stage and bad. Plus in 2004, Sherlock was a 19 year old junkie who had just met Lestrade and was years away from meeting John. If you were going to have a patient of the week, it would be Mrs Hudson, ex-stripper from Florida whose husband was trying to poison her. John was still active military so there's no way the two could meet. I've got pages of notes working this out. Not ashamed to say it. I love the research. And this way I got the timelines to work out.


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